Wellington Place

Toronto, Ontario
The Planning Partnership Ltd.

DESIGN – Regional Citation Award
Clarence Square and Victoria Memorial Square act as bookends to Wellington Street. Collectively these three important public spaces are known as Wellington Place. This area remains one of the last vestiges of Georgian Town Planning in Toronto. The restoration of the three public spaces as a cultural corridor was implemented in three phases over thirteen years and is on-going today. The Planning Partnership collaborated with ERA Architects and the City of Toronto to develop a vision for Wellington Place that creates a grand tree lined boulevard connecting two beautiful treed squares on either end. As the forgotten cemetery of Fort York, the restoration of Victoria Memorial Square focused on revealing this significant cultural heritage asset, tracing its edges with a granite path, seating and a memorial wall that houses the remaining tombstones of the over 500 people who are buried there. The Clarence Square design focused on protecting the magnificent canopy of trees and inserting walkways, and gathering areas. The Wellington Street design creates a grand boulevard tree lined street to be implemented with development over time.