Victoria Park Subway Station – Green Roof and Landscape

Toronto, Ontario
Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc.

DESIGN – Regional Honour Award
Roof and Landscape, designed by Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc., demonstrates leadership in sustainable design. The design is tailored to its context, incorporating site specific responses to local environmental and light conditions as well as unique maintenance and cost requirements. Plant species were grouped into pre-vegetated modules and installed on the roof to maximize views for both residents in nearby high-rises and transit users approaching the station at ground level. The extensive green roof and lush landscape design shape a beautiful, welcoming, and safe public space surrounding the station and contribute to positive renewal in the area.

Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. designed the landscape and green roof with an outstanding team of designers, including project lead, Stevens Group Architects (now IBI Group Architects) and Brown and Storey Architects.