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Place des Montréalaises

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The project that is the subject of this competition consists in designing Place des Montréalaises, a new public space adjacent to Champ-de-Mars métro station, including a pedestrian overpass leading to Champ-de-Mars.

The Ville de Montréal has determined that a priority urban project would be the repurposing of the areas bordering the Ville-Marie Expressway, grouping a number of works under the term “Projet Secteur Champ-de-Mars.” This project aims to define an attractive, high-quality urban frame that repairs the cut made to the area by the construction of the Ville-Marie Expressway trench in the 1970s. In so doing, the Ville de Montréal aims to restore ties between the historic city and its former faubourgs and to enhance the high-quality network of public spaces from Square Victoria to Square Viger.

This competition is:

  • a multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition;
  • international in scope;
  • held in two stages: the first consisting of anonymous proposals, and the second consisting of service offerings prepared by a maximum of five jury-selected finalists;
  • a project competition leading to implementation.

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