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The CSLA Board of Directors appointed Indigenous Issues Task Force is seeking volunteers to contribute to research

The Terms of Reference

In November 2016, the CSLA Board of Directors established the Indigenous Issues Task Force (IITF):

“to guide the CSLA in improving awareness and capacity for supporting Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples through landscape architecture and land use planning within our leadership, membership and schools of landscape architecture.”  Excerpt from the IITF Discussion Document (March 2017)

CSLA Members, associates, students and university professors are being sought to volunteer to do research to inform the Indigenous Issues Task Force.

Volunteers may be asked to advise the task force in the future, and may be requested to join the task force as a member at a future date.

Research terms of reference

The research is to result in a consolidated environmental scan document to:

  • Identify whether any CSLA component associations or associations of allied professions have advanced any work or positions on indigenous issues. Identify whether any statements, priorities or committees have been established.
  • Identify whether engineers, architects, planners or other design-based professions have included indigenous education in the requirements of their continuing education programs.
  • Identify whether universities with landscape architecture programs cover indigenous issues in their curriculum.
  • Identify the regional or provincial indigenous organizations working on these issues.
  • Identify the resources available from any CSLA component associations or associations of allied professions that specifically educate or inform members about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, indigenous issues, and/or working with indigenous communities.
  • Identify any glossaries of terms on indigenous affairs which are widely in use.
  • Volunteers will work as individual or small working groups focused on Provincial, Territorial, or National issues.  Members of the IITF will coordinate all research groups and review draft environmental scans.

Environmental scan reports are to be high level summaries (10-15 pages), and may be submitted in English or French.  The IITF will consolidate the final environmental scan, and prepare an Executive Summary, for the CSLA Board of Directors.


Volunteers will identify themselves to the CSLA by August 15th, indicating their specific region or topic of interest.

  • A teleconference will be organized by the IITF for September 7th
  • Research groups will be given a specific terms of reference by September 18, 2017
  • Draft environmental scans will be submitted to the IITF on  November 3, 2017
  • Final environmental scans will be submitted to the IITF on December 8, 2017

Please contact Michelle Legault at with expressions of interest.