Item 8

8.The head office of the Association shall be in The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto or at such other place in Ontario as is designated by the by-laws.


  1. The Association shall grant a membership in the Association to any individual who applies therefor in accordance with the by-laws, if the individual:
    1. is of good character;
    2. is not less than eighteen years of age;
    3. has complied with the academic and experience requirements specified in the by-laws for the issuance of the membership in the category of membership for which application was made; and
    4. has passed such examinations as the Council may set or approve in accordance with the by-laws.
  2. The registrar shall keep a register in which shall be entered the name of all members of the Association in good standing and showing their category of membership and only those persons so registered are members entitled to the privileges of membership in the Association.
  3. The register shall be open to examination by the public at the head office of the Association during normal office hours.
  4. An individual who is qualified for membership in the Association who has been refused membership or a person who has been subject to a disciplinary sanction under the by-laws may appeal to the Divisional Court, in accordance with the rules of court, from the refusal to grant membership or from the sanction.
  5. Where a person appeals to the Divisional Court, the registrar shall forthwith file with the Court a record of the proceeding that resulted in failure or a refusal to grant membership or the decision of the committee imposing a sanction which, together with any transcript of evidence, if there is one, shall constitute the record in the appeal.
  6. An appeal under this section may be made on questions of law or fact, or both, and the Divisional Court may rescind any decision, may exercise all powers of any committee and may direct the Association to take any action that the Association is empowered to take as the Court considers proper and, for such purposes, the Court may substitute its opinion for that of any committee or of the Association or the Court may refer the matter back for rehearing in whole or in part, in accordance with such directions as the Court considers proper.