Item 2


  1. The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects is hereby continued as a corporation without share capital and the persons registered as members of the Association on the day this Act comes into force and such other persons as hereafter become members of the Association constitute the corporation.
  2. The members of the Council and the officers of the Association in office immediately prior to the coming into force of this Act are hereby continued in office until their successors are appointed or elected in accor-dance with this Act and the by-laws.
  3. The letters patent of the Association are revoked, but the revocation of the letters patent does not affect the rights or obligations of the Association or any by-law, resolution or appointment of the Association except to the extent that the by-law, resolution or appointment is inconsistent with this Act.
  4. The Association shall be deemed to be a corporation incorporated by a special Act.

3. The objects of the Association are,

  1. to furnish means and facilities by which members of the Associa-tion and students may increase their knowledge, skill and efficiency in all things related to the business or profession of a landscape architect;
  2. to hold examinations and prescribe tests of competency deemed appropriate to qualify for admission to membership in the Association;
  3. to establish and maintain standards of knowledge and skill among its members;
  4. to maintain discipline among members of the Association and students; and
  5. to establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among members of the Association and students, in order that the public interest may be served and protected.