Item 10


  1. Every full member of the Association may use the designation “Landscape Architect”
  2. Subject to the by-laws, a firm, partnership, corporation or association of persons may use the designation “Landscape Architect” or “Landscape Architects” as part of its name or after its name if the practice of landscape architecture by the firm, partnership or corporation is carried on by or under the direct personal supervision of a full member of the Association who is a full-time employee, member or director of the firm, partnership, corporation or association.
  3. Subject to subsection (2), any person in Ontario who, not being a full member of the Association, takes or uses the designation “Landscape Architect” or “Landscape Architects” is guilty of an offence.
  4. In every case where registration is an issue, the production of a copy of the register, certified under the hand of the registrar, is sufficient evidence of all persons who are members of the Association and of their category of membership in lieu of the production of the original register and any certificate upon such copy of the register purporting to be signed by a person in his or her capacity as registrar is proof, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that such person is the registrar without any proof of the person’s signature or of the person being in fact the registrar.


  1. Subject to subsection 10 (3), this Act does not affect or interfere with the right of any person who is not a member of the Association to offer or provide services similar to those offered or provided by a landscape architect in the Province of Ontario.
  2. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, any person in Ontario who, not being a full member of the Association, and who has been using the designation “Landscape Architect” or “Landscape Architects”, either alone or in conjunction with a corporate name or partnership name, may continue to do so until the 1st day of January, 1989.
  3. Every individual in Ontario who immediately before the coming into force of this Act was substantially earning a living in landscape architecture shall be accepted as a full member of the Association if within 365 days of the day this Act comes into force he or she applies to the Association to be registered as a full member and pays the annual membership fees for a full member.
  4. An application to which subsection (3) applies shall be accompanied by the statutory declaration of two persons each of whom must be a member of,
    1. the Association;
    2. the Ontario Association of Architects; or
    3. the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario,
      and the statutory declaration shall state that the person making the declaration knows the individual making the application and has reason to believe that he or she has substantially earned a living in landscape architecture.
  5. Subsection 9 (1) does not apply to an application under subsection (3).