OALA Practice Act: Draft Scope of Practice and Exemptions

In early 2015, a subcommittee of six volunteer members (Shannon Baker, Martha Lush, John Consolati, Jennifer Moore, Danielle Charlton, Alissa North) reviewed comparative acts and assembled a draft act. In June 2016 OALA hired Mills & Mills LLP for their legal advice to help complete the final draft of an OALA Practice Act. The Practice Legislation Committee and Mills & Mills representatives have been working to review and define concepts using appropriate language.  One of the notable sections in the Act is the Landscape Architecture Scope of Practice and List of Exemptions. This final draft Scope of Practice and List of Exemptions is now being included in our packages that we share with MPPs and allied professional associations when we hold a formal meeting.  We want to ensure there are no surprises or issues for our stakeholders. This piece of the draft act is now shared with our members for information purposes – click here to view. We are continuing to move forward and make refinements according to legal and MPP advice.

Information Webinar for members

The Practice Legislation Committee will be hosting a short webinar to update the membership on the progress of our practice legislation initiative.  Topics will include:

  • important meetings we have held and the results to date,
  • a progress review on the draft Practice Act,
  • future planning and timeline.

The session will take place mid-day in November. There will be no fee to register. Stay tuned for further information.