Municipal elections: time for landscape architects to speak up

Across Ontario, 444 municipal council elections will take place on Monday, October 22, 2018.

The election period provides the perfect occasion for landscape architects to reach out to local leaders and talk about the value that the profession brings to communities.

Municipalities are critical stakeholders for landscape architecture. Not only do they employ landscape architects directly, their leadership on local issues connects them closely to both public and private sector land development.

It is vital for Mayors, Councillors, Reeves and others to understand the value that landscape architects bring to the table.

OALA Council is encouraging members to contact their local candidates, set-up meetings and talk to them about landscape architecture.

Don’t worry about what to say. Materials are available for you. The information we have includes:

Simply contact Executive Director Aina Budrevics at 416.231.4181 ext.1 or to report on the meetings you arrange or any engagement you already have with local candidates.  You may even want to take photos and so we can share them with your OALA colleagues.

More information on these elections – such as voting locations, advance poll dates and names of registered candidates – can generally be found on your local municipality’s website.

You can find out if you are on your local voters list at

Please participate by going to vote on October 22 (or at an advance poll).