Benefits of Membership

Professional Recognition

As an OALA member you enjoy exclusive right to use the professional designation of Landscape Architect; this is backed by a Code of Ethics and recommended standards of professional practice. OALA participates actively in Canadian Society of Landscape Architects governance and awards.

Business Opportunities

The OALA Membership Directory & Resource Guide, published annually, promotes your name and your firm’s name to potential clients. The OALA website provides a search facility by name, firm and location. Individuals seeking a landscape architect are referred to these sources.

Public Relations – Advocacy

OALA publishes consumer information on the services a landscape architect can provide. OALA advertises and participates in appropriate publications and exhibitions to promote the profession and its members. The OALA Business Guide, published in 2003, assists members and their clients. OALA has the ability to respond to public issues which affect the landscape architecture profession.

Support for Education

OALA administers the professional development period (internship) for Associates. OALA administers the Landscape Architecture Registration Examinations (LARE) in Ontario, held twice a year in Toronto and Ottawa, and financially supports tutorial sessions for the LARE. OALA uses its revenue to fund student scholarships and university lectures, and raises funds for endowments in landscape architecture at both Ontario universities teaching landscape architecture. OALA monitors and plays a key role in the evolution of landscape architecture education.


OALA keeps members current with the latest information on trends, issues, and professional development opportunities through the OALA News, website and email communications. The OALA website lists job openings at member firms, in public practice, awards, competitions and requests for proposals, at no charge to members.

Government Relations

OALA meets with government officials to help create a better employment market for landscape architects. OALA presents a common voice on legislative and regulatory issues which can affect your practice and the profession as a whole.

Statistical Information

OALA gathers and publishes data on the profession of landscape architecture, and participates with other design professions in surveys on salaries and issues affecting the design industry.

Employee Relations

OALA’s internship program provides professional development for associates, your potential employees.

Financial Programs

OALA provides cost effective group insurance programs, and, through the CSLA, an endorsed professional liability insurance program.

Personal Growth and Pride

Through OALA, members can play a vital role in mentoring aspiring new members and in being part of a volunteer network of colleagues helping to advance the profession. The OALA annual awards program provides recognition within the profession for exceptional practice and volunteerism.