MacEwan Terrace Garden at Riverwood

Mississauga, Ontario
The Landplan Collaborative Ltd.

DESIGN – Regional Merit Award
The Mac Ewan Terrace Garden is the gateway to a unique collection of urban landscapes including a significant reach of the Credit River, and vestiges of 19th and early 20th century farm and rural estate settings.

The .5 ha Garden is located between a parking lot, a former wet meadow repurposed as a stormwater management pond, a reconstructed 1840s barn, and natural woodlots with old growth white pine. The thematic floral display includes 14 beds containing over 5000 plants with between 100 and 125 species and varieties.

The garden provides inspiration to a variety of users including garden enthusiasts, artists and photographers. The enabling garden provides special-needs children with opportunities to work with soil, plants and to demonstrate the many benefits of gardening as a life-long passion.