Ground 11 – fall 2010 – Restoration, Rehabilitation, Repurposing

Ground 11 – fall 2010 – Restoration, Rehabilitation, Repurposing

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Information on the Ground

Restoration, Rehabilitation, Repurposing:

Round Table
Healing Toxic Land

City Building, Brick by Brick
Transforming a heritage industrial site

Student Theses
For this issue on restoration, rehabilitation, and repurposing, Ground invited academics and students to submit student thesis work related to our 3R theme. The engagement with restoration, rehabilitation, and repurposing is one of the driving forces in landscape architecture today because of a widespread acknowledgement of environmental degradation.

The Sudbury Story
From green to black and back

Aggregate Site Rehabilitation
A report on recent research

Professional Practice

Hands On
A recent landscape architect grad takes the design/build route


A Miscellany of News and Events


Plants in Transit