Gladstone Grow Op: OALA announcement of GROUND Prize


The Editorial Board of GROUND magazine has selected GeoGarden (A Subterranean Symphony in C) by Karen Abel with a soundscape by Rose Bolton as the winner of the Gladstone Grow Op 2013 OALA/Ground Prize.

GeoGarden – “C” for crystal – is a landscape of geological time, a subterranean ‘secret garden’ exposed as an outcropping of relic violin cases, their interiors propagated with mineral salt crystals of the octahedral structure, a form in sacred geometry meaning ‘seed of life’.

As if excavated from a primordial orchestra pit of the imagination, the rock-like forms suggest crystal geodes – time capsules unlocked to reveal pristine micro-landscapes like sheet music of millennial age. In this garden of vacant instrumentation, violin sounds seismically evoke events of a geological past through the use of fragmented musical textures and distant melodies. Visitors are invited to consider the concept of a garden within geological time; to experience the virtually imperceptible process of geode crystallization through the act of listening, where a single note might convey a thousand or ten thousand years.

This $500 award recognizes a unique work that encouraged us all to celebrate and explore new dialogues about landscape, art, gardens and place making.

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Grow Op: Exploring Landscape + Place took place at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto April 25-28, 2013. Click here for more information and to download the show catalogue.