Call for Expressions of Interest – OALA Lay Councillor

The OALA is seeking a Lay Councillor for the 2018 – 2020 two-year term, beginning after the 2018 AGM on April 6.

OALA Council is comprised of individuals from all parts of the province that represent the broad and varied aspects of the profession and membership, related organizations and the public at large.  Councillors work to govern the Association and support initiatives and services that are aligned with the Strategic Plan (currently under review).  The Lay Councillor provides for a key perspective and is “expressly not a landscape architect, nor member of the OALA and represents the views and values of the general public”.  OALA Council is guided by the Mission to promote, improve and advance the profession of Landscape Architecture and maintain standards of professional practice and conduct, consistent with the need to serve and to protect the public interest in Ontario.

The Lay Councillor will participate in monthly Council meetings (in person, or remotely), and other occasional events or committee meetings where OALA Council is represented.

For more information and how to apply, please click here.