Lake Ontario Park Revitalization Project

Kingston, Ontario
The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group Ltd.

DESIGN – Regional Honour Award
This iconic waterfront park, originally built in the 1800’s, is situated on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. The park was in need of renewal in both its function to bring people back, and its key structures, while taking care to minimize the impact on over 1 ,000 existing trees. The design principles included establishing a greenspace that would provide the awareness, intention and opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle outside. This was accomplished through a diversity of outdoor amenities, both passive and active, appealing to all ages. Key features included shoreline restoration to provide swimming and beach access, upland sand beaches, a boat ramp and dock, shoreline event space, restoration of the existing pavilion and heritage washroom buildings, beach volleyball courts, accessible walking trails, splash pad, play structures, and extensive seating and picnic areas. The park has taken its place amongst the favourite destination for both residents and visitors to Kingston. Its continuing legacy is that of a place to get people to unplug, and re-connect with nature.

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