Planning & Analysis

Credit River Parks Strategy

Mississauga, Ontario
Schollen & Company Inc.

PLANNING AND ANALYSIS – Regional Honour Award
The Credit River valley is the largest and most diverse contiguous natural area within the City of Mississauga. The Credit River Parks Strategy was generated to guide the programming, management and restoration of this important landscape over the next 25 years. The goal of the study was to develop a sustainable, innovative and environmentally responsible Master Plan to guide the planning, development, conservation and management of a contiguous system of publicly-owned and publicly-accessible parkland and natural areas along the Credit River.

The CRPS brought together a diverse range of partners and interests and was successful in creating a shared long-term vision for this variable landscape. The City of Mississauga retained Schollen & Company, North-South Environmental, Aquafor Beech, Lura Consulting and Archaeological Services to complete this landmark project.



Lower Don Trail Access, Environment and Art Master Plan

Toronto, Ontario

PLANNING AND ANALYSIS – Regional Honour Award
This Master Plan was for the Lower Don Trail, a 6-kilometre long corridor extending from Pottery Road to the north to Parliament Street to the south. The intensification and development of new communities in the Lower Don Valley neighbourhoods will bring an estimated 80,000 new people into the core of the city.

The Master Plan recommends strategies to improve environmental protection and access, and to consider possibilities for public art in the Lower Don River valley lands. It also provides a long-term strategy to establish a theme, create positive user experiences, improve access, and incorporate all existing studies, plans and initiatives in the study area – a bold new chapter of the ongoing revitalization of the Lower Don Valley.

The master plan was prepared for the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation. The consultant team was led by DTAH, with AECOM, Andrew Davies Design, Public Space Workshop, SPH Planning and Consulting, and LURA.



Downtown Tomorrow: Linking Orillia’s Core to the Water

Orillia, Ontario
Urban Strategies Inc.

PLANNING AND ANALYSIS – Regional Merit Award
Downtown Tomorrow: Linking Orillia’s Core to the Water is a strategic master plan that sets out a compelling vision and identifies priority initiatives guiding improvements to the historic community. Central to the plan is an interconnected network of parks, streetscapes and other linear connections that will link downtown to the city-wide open space system and establish a framework for brownfield redevelopment. The recommended public realm projects include a new public square and pier at the foot of the historic main street, which will be extended with mixed-use development.

The plan was prepared by Urban Strategies Inc. in collaboration with City staff and sub-consultants McSweeney & Associates and StudioLab.