OALA Awards

Oala Carl Borgstrom Award for Service to the Environment

This award is given to individual landscape architects or a landscape architectural group to recognize and encourage special or unusual contribution to the sensitive, sustainable design for human use of the environment. This award is named in honour of Carl Borgstrom who of all OALA’s founders, was the most actively in tune with the natural landscape.

Norman DeFraeye

Throughout his career, Norman has made a significant contribution to the protection, enhancement and sensitive restoration of the natural environment of the ravines, forests and watercourses of the City of Toronto and surrounding municipalities. In his position as the City of Toronto’s Supervisor of Ravine and Natural Feature Protection, Norman leads a team with the challenging responsibility for managing Toronto’s 18,000 acres of ravines, enforcing the City’s Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw and developing management plans for ravine restoration. He was a key contributor to the development of a number of leading edge initiatives for Toronto: the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw which protects and promotes stewardship of ravines and natural areas; a city-wide study of approximately 100 Environmentally Significant Areas; and guidelines for implementation of Natural Heritage Impact Studies which guide restoration and enhancement of abutting natural areas through new development applications. Norman has been instrumental in developing restoration plans for numerous ravines, involving removal of invasive species to open up the canopy and replanting, resulting in healthy ravines. He understands the importance of working in partnership with others, including developers, agencies and institutions, to achieve protection and enhancement of natural areas. Norman is a passionate advocate for the natural environment, investing time and energy to ensure that the City’s remaining natural heritage and urban forest are not just protected, but flourish and grow so that they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. .


Public Practice Award

This award recognizes the outstanding leadership of a member of the profession in public practice who promotes and enhances landscape architecture by working for improved understanding and appreciation of the work of landscape architects in both public and private practice.

Andrew MacPherson

Andrew Macpherson started working for the Corporation of the City of London in 1991, as part of the Site Plan Approvals Section. During the intervening years, he moved up through the corporation to his current position as Manager of the Environmental and Park Planning and Design Division.

The greatest legacy that Andrew has given to the city is the expanded Thames Valley Pathway system that is part of and connects to a 225 kilometer city‐wide pathway system. Recently, London was voted one of Ontario’s top 5 most walkable cities by the national organization Canada Walks.

Andrew has promoted the importance of landscape architecture in improving London’s civic projects and was instrumental in ensuring the inclusion of landscape architects as team members for all city facility capital projects in London.

Andrew led the process to improve and streamline the City’s street tree planting program. He led the process to update the City’s Significant Woodland protection policies that were later endorsed by the Supreme Court of Canada. Andrew led the development of new comprehensive standards for the creation of trails in natural areas that are now referenced by The City of Toronto and other municipalities.

Andrew’s transformational leadership has improved the understanding and appreciation of the work of landscape architects and landscape architecture in public and private practice in London, Ontario.


David Erb Memorial Award

The award is named after David Erb who was an outstanding volunteer in furthering the goals of OALA and his example set a truly high standard. The award is the best way to acknowledge the one outstanding OALA member each year whose volunteer contributions over a number of years have made a real difference.

Sean Kelly

While building Stempski Kelly Associates with his wife Stasia, Sean joined OALA in 1997 and became active in OALA activities and events. He has always been a strong proponent of the Association and its goals.

Sean joined the Guelph faculty fulltime in 2006, and has consistently had a strong and positive influence on students in our two professional programs. In 2012, Sean was awarded the Ontario Agricultural College’s Outstanding Teaching Award, recognizing his exceptional teaching ability.

Sean’s involvement with the OALA has grown over the years, and has taken a definite course in supporting, guiding and encouraging prospective landscape architects. He has chosen to volunteer with OALA in positions where he can be most effective, and his efforts have been a natural extension of his work as an educator at the University. He has become a mentor for many students. Sean is always available to offer assistance and guidance – even after the reports are completed, the exams are over, and the meetings are finished.

The list of Sean’s contributions with the OALA is impressive, and even more so when considering his involvement with both the University and with his private practice. As with all volunteerism, it is the spirit of giving selflessly to aid in the prosperity of others. Sean captures that spirit and passes it on with pretty much everything he does. Collectively, his contributions have made OALA stronger and have significantly influenced the next generation of OALA members.


OALA Research and Innovation Award

This award recognizes the outstanding leadership, research and/or academic achievements of a member(s), or non-member(s), who, through scholarly activities, including academic papers, research, publications, books, e-applications or public presentations, contributes to the knowledge base that furthers the advancement of the art, the science and the practice of landscape architecture.

Alissa North

Alissa is a professor at the University of Toronto who continually is involved in pursuing new ideas in Landscape Architecture. In addition to her duties at U of T she is a partner in North Design Office. Much of the office’s work is found in competitions and installations where Alissa is constantly testing new ideas. Many of these competitions and installations have resulted in many published articles about North Design Office’s continued efforts to increase the boundaries of the profession.

The work that Alissa has followed in her office and at U of T is part of the groundwork has led to a new published work Operative Landscapes; Building Communities Through Public Space. This publication is a great reference document for offices and students to familiarize themselves with recent new design typologies that have entered the profession. The book illustrates the infinite ways to build community through a park, a river corridor, community gardens, plaza or streetscape. The book offers valuable analysis using suburb design examples.

This book for Alissa is a promising start for such a young and enthusiastic landscape architect. We look forward to Alissa’s continued growth in the profession and future books providing her insight and analysis of the contemporary landscape.


OALA Emeritus Member

Emeritus members are full members of OALA who have ceased full time practice and who are nominated by another full member in recognition of their years of service to the profession.

Ed Fife

Edward Fife (Ed), is a Landscape Architect and Associate professor at the University of Toronto, who has educated hundreds of students in his 46+ years of teaching in the United States, Canada, China and South Africa.

Ed has been a well ‐known professor at the University of Toronto since 1969. He has written numerous papers, been involved with the OALA, CSLA, CELA, IFLA and was very active in various capacities in the OALA on Education Committee, Planning Committee, Treasurer, Executive Council, President, Past President and research committee for government funding. During his career teaching, Ed was active in many exhibitions, conferences, research contracts and on many University Committees.

Many of us remember Ed for his extensive knowledge in Planting design, plant communities and natural systems. He was always willing to help students, or provide a much needed and targeted “kick in the rear”, to motivate students to go father, dig deeper, complete the work and state the relevance of all the above.

Looking at the various teaching roles at U of T and Ohio State, he has taught design studios, design critiques (which many of us will always remember), research and green urban environments, vegetation ecology and urban systems. During his career, Ed has been recognized on numerous occasions by the OALA and others including, The OALA David

Erb Award, Harvard GSD List of 100 Distinguished Landscape Architects, citations, awards, a fellow of the CSLA /FCSLA and teaching awards.

Throughout his teaching career, Ed has gone beyond the normal standards guiding students through his teachings and mentored many to become excellent Landscape Architects.

Now in the next phase of his career, Ed is teaching occasionally in China at the Harbin Institute of Technical, spending time travelling, going to the farm and exploring the world.


OALA Honorary Member Award

The Honorary category of membership is for non-landscape architects for whom Council wishes to recognize for outstanding contributions in their own fields to improving the quality of natural and human environments.

George McKibbon

George McKibbon is a land use planner, who has worked on numerous projects with Landscape Architects as either a lead researcher, or co-author of many award winning reports and studies. George works tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the quality of life for people, making significant advances to Provincial Legislation, Policies for healthy communities, sustainable environments, climate change, air quality and walkable communities.

The CV for George, which to date, spans over 35 years, has many significant accomplishments. Throughout his career, George has worked continuously with Landscape Architects in many different capacities.

While at the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority from 1974-1978, George worked as a conservation planner and enforcement officer and worked with planners, landscape architects, engineers and others.

He was a senior planner at the Niagara Escarpment Commission from 1978-1987 and authored Part Two, Development Criteria of the Niagara Escarpment Plan. Many benchmark visual assessment studies, viewshed analysis and other ground breaking documents were prepared, in conjunction with landscape architects to support the development criteria in the Plan. Since that time, the NE Plan has stood the test of challenges, tribunals, consolidated boards and NE hearings. Many of us who have worked closely with the plan, realized how comprehensive the vision was and still is today.

Since 1996, George has operated McKibbon Wakefield Inc. His career has taken him across the Province on environmental studies, First Nations advising cabinet on planning matters.

He was Director of Policy Development, OPPI, the Canadian representative, New York State APA Board, CIP Healthy Communities Committee and contributes to the development of Heart and Stroke Canada’s Healthy by Design project. George has authored countless publications, has won numerous awards in collaboration with Landscape

Architects and is currently Adjunct Professor, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, Ontario Agricultural College University of Guelph.

The roots of Landscape Architecture in Canada came from the Canadian Town Planners. The connection today between Landscape Architects, Land use planners is as strong today, or perhaps stronger than it ever has been. As an advisor on Provincial Policy and a strong ally of Landscape Architects, the influence George has had on the Province, on our members and on the environment is enormous. George exemplifies the cross-over of our founding roots and close relationship between the professions of Land Use Planners and Landscape Architects.

It is truly our pleasure to present George H. McKibbon as an Honourary Member of the OALA.


Pinnacle Award for Landscape Architectural Excellence

This award recognizes an OALA member and his or her professional work. It singles out specific projects to draw attention to a body of work which demonstrates outstanding professional accomplishment.

Eha Naylor

Eha Naylor, currently a partner at Dillon Consulting Ltd, has over 35 years of national and international consulting experience and serves on the board of directors for Dillon. Prior to joining Dillon she was the president of ENVision – The Hough Group, one of Canada’s leading landscape architecture firms. Eha is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and a professional planner.

She leads the landscape architecture and environmental design practice at Dillon and directs large-scale projects from feasibility through to implementation, and undertakes projects throughout North America. Eha’s practice includes public facilitation and projects that bridge planning and ecological design fields.

The Rt. Hon Herb Gray Parkway in Windsor is one of Ms. Naylor projects that demonstrates her outstanding professional accomplishment in design, planning and analysis, research and communications.

Eha has prepared visual impact assessments and provided peer review and expert testimony related to visual resources for a wide range of developments including.

Eha’s consulting experience reflects a diversity of expertise in waterfront planning, recreation planning, sustainable site design and open space planning for public and private sector park projects across Canada.

Eha has also participated on numerous Professional Panels and Juries. Some of the Professional Committees she has devoted time and effort to include:

  • OALA Practice Legislation Committee Chair, 2012 – present
  • OALA Examining Board through the 1990’s
  • Several Panels and Committees for CLARB

I am pleased to present Eha Naylor with the 2014 Pinnacle Award in recognition of her outstanding career and contributions to practice and profession of Landscape Architecture in the Province of Ontario.


OALA Jack Copeland Award for Associate Leadership and Contribution

This award recognizes the outstanding leadership, and contribution of an associate for going above and beyond to assist fellow associates. Activities include, but are not limited to, tutorials, LARE exam help, special tasks, OALA Library, Special Events, meeting associates and others, including being an associate representative on OALA Council.

This award is named after Jack Copeland. Jack was an active Ottawa area member, who passed away in 2013. Jack was enthusiastic advocate for Associate members.

Inna Olchovski

For the last two years, lnna has served as an Associate Representative on the OALA Council. She has worked hard developing programs to help associates attain full membership. Fellow Associates comment on how they are amazed by her vision and organization.

On top of monthly meetings, library hours, and the associate newsletter, Inna expanded her role with the association. Inna brought forward and organized the OALA walk series. By bringing together members in the GTA and other regions, Inna has created an important venue for associates to meet with a range of practitioners and develop important, career-building connections.

From this success, Inna continued to establish an open house series for firms to engage with associate members and students. January’s open house at Forrec saw over 60 associate and student members in attendance, who engaged with Forrec staff in a dialogue about the changing professional environment.

lnna has been a huge asset to the associate membership in her time on council and a true leader for the Associate membership.

A cheque for $500 also accompanies this award to be given to the associate to offset the cost of a LARE exam.


OALA President’s Award For Landscape Architectural Excellence

This award recognizes an OALA member and his or her professional work. It singles out specific projects to draw attention to a body of work which demonstrates outstanding professional accomplishment.


Lawrence Stasiuk

Lawrence has served the Association for over 12 years, on several committees including Council, Executive and most recently on the Marketing Committee as chair. His accomplishments on behalf of the Association are many and too lengthy to present in this brief acknowledgement.

Those who work with Lawrence know him as a starter and a finisher- exploring every aspect of every task in the finest detail and with no reservation of effort. We jokingly refer to his ‘speed of light’ approach to undertakings as ‘Lawrence speed’- and we believe he may only have one speed!

In addition to his numerous volunteer hours, Lawrence has been a practicing Landscape Architect in Ontario and British Columbia for 30 years in both the private and public sectors. He currently works for the City of Hamilton in the Landscape Architectural Services section with an emphasis on planning & development of parks, sports fields, trails, waterfronts and streetscapes. An area he pioneered and developed as a sole LA on staff initially.

I was sad to hear of Lawrence’s decision to withdraw from our volunteer ranks this year, but very happy to hear that he has agreed to see the much in demand Fees and Services Guide, through to completion – that is ‘the way he rolls’. Having said this, his level of past contribution have not left the Association wanting in any way.

At this time I feel it is appropriate to recognize his unselfish devotion with the presentation of this award as a small token of my sincere appreciation.