2013 Awards

Rideau Canal Multi-use Crossing Environmental Study

Ottawa, Ontario

PLANNING & ANALYSIS – Regional Citation Award
This is a successful, high-profile project in which landscape architects played an important role. Our role was made that much more important because of the significant heritage, aesthetic and recreational sensitivities associated with the Rideau Canal in the National Capital. As key members of an inter-disciplinary team, landscape architects joined with architects, engineers and heritage experts to orchestrate a process that fulfilled the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. Not only does this process demand great analytical and planning rigour, it also requires extensive stakeholder and public consultation. Actively participating in this intensive process increased the public profile of the landscape architectural profession, and provided a public forum in which the priorities and preoccupations of landscape architects were brought to the fore and given high regard. In conclusion, the project outcome received a high level of support from the general public as well as from design review panels at the national level.


Goderich – Downtown Core Area Master Plan

Town of Goderich, Ontario
The Planning Partnership Ltd.

PLANNING & ANALYSIS – Regional Merit Award
This study is worthy of recognition because it represents a truly interdisciplinary approach to problem solving that also highlights the breadth of the practice of landscape architecture. A landscape architect managed the project and, in addition to landscape design, oversaw and coordinated the development of the urban design, planning, architectural and ecological components of the plan. The project also demonstrates the importance of communication in design and the social impact of the work that we do as landscape architects. Lastly, the design recommendations that were put forth
were based on a few simple strategies. These include:
1. Bringing back the trees (No cars on the park)
2. Making pedestrian oriented spaces and streets (Putting the roads on a diet)
3. Encouraging designs that are compatible and complementary to the heritage (Not replicas)



Rouge Park Trails Master Plan

Toronto/ Markham, Ontario
Schollen & Company Inc.

PLANNING & ANALYSIS – Regional Merit Award
Rouge Park is situated within the south central portion of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is the largest urban park in Canada encompassing over 4050ha (10,000 acres) of land including the Toronto Zoo. The Park will eventually extend from the Oak Ridges Moraine in the north to the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the Master Plan was developed with the objective of establishing a continuous trail system from north to south, with linkages to both the Trans Canada Trail and Toronto Waterfront Trail. The level of visitation to the Park has increased over the years and thousands of visitors come to the Park annually, exerting increasing pressure on the natural heritage system. The Trails Master Plan was designed with the goal of accommodating desires for access and use while ensuring the protection of natural and cultural assets and affording opportunities for users to experience this unique urban wilderness. The Plan proposes the development of over 60kms of proposed trails within the Park as well as a network of proposed on-road trails and cycling routes that will make key connections to the trail, transit and transportation networks that surround the Park.