New Directions

Residential Rainproofing

Residential Rainproofing – Community Program for SWM
Toronto, Ontario
Schollen & Company Inc.

NEW DIRECTIONS – National Citation

Citizens for a Safe Environment is a not-for·profit group that is focused on achieving incremental positive environmental change through community-based activism. Schollen & Company Inc. was approached by CFSE to formulate a strategy to implement a series of ”raIn gardens” on private residential properties in the Riverdale Neighbourhood of Toronto with the over-riding goal of reduclng the contribution of stormwater runoff to CSOs. This will In turn improve water quality along Toronto’s lakefront. As a pro·bono assignment, Schollen & Company Inc. developed designs for the raln gardens and oversaw the implementation of the gardens by landscape architecture student work crews. The project has gained the interest of other municipalities as a prototype to facilitate the implementation of source—control storm water management solutions within private residential properties.


RED – Research Evolve Design

Denver, Colorado
Janet Rosenberg + Associates

NEW DIRECTIONS – National Honour

1. Our concept for a wildlife crossing structure is revolutionary by going beyond the conventional model for a wildlife overpass. It uses a new, more resilient and cost-effective material, proposes a modular configuration that can be applied to any site anywhere in the world, and offers a wider catchment area for animals by splaying into locations in the landscape where animals have a tendency to pause and collect.

2. Landscape architects have not traditionally been involved in the design of wildlife crossing structures: our concept and our ideas place landscape architects at the forefront of this important discussion, creating a new role for us.

3. This project shows a collaborative effort between landscape architects, engineers, and ecologists, a partnership that has the potential to open new doors for landscape architects.

4. Our design for a wildlife crossing structure was conceptualized by first learning about the animal world, about their behaviour and their preferences, leading to a unique approach that is rooted in animal psychology.


IOD Park – Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Brook McIlroy

NEW DIRECTIONS – Regional Citation

Since the 1970s, Thunder Bay has focused on an ambitious plan to convert its central industrial waterfront to public trails, parks and villages. This era of transformation – predicated on embracing the waterfront as amenity – has also seen the removal of many heroic structures including the vast Lake Superior grain elevators.

The power of the IOD and its transformation emanates from a confluence of forces: monumental scale, purity of form, and the contradictions inherent in the site’s context – an industrial legacy of unrivalled destruction overlooking Lake Superior and Thunder Bay’s ‘Sleeping Giant’ -an iconic northern landscape staggering in its beauty. IOD Park fuses dichotomous elements into a new composite of mega-structure, meadow, theatre, forest, music hall. bird sanctuary, outdoor cinema, water park, cathedral to the northland and zip-llne course.