Landscape Management

Red River Floodway

The Red River Floodway Greenway:A 100 Year Integrated Vegetation Strategy
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram

The Floodway greenvvay is the culmination of HTFC’s many years of effort as advocate and consultant on site. The plan satisfied the client’s engineers with ecologically sound solutions appropriate to the staggering size and importance of the floodway, and found common ground among the competing interests of recreational users and municipalities flanking the channel. lt showcases at this unprecedented scale how natural processes can be harnessed to solve a multitude of problems and add value over time. The ecological model was also applied to the recreation and economic development strategy: growing accretively from existing businesses and facilities, instituting a governance system that will be adaptive and resilient, and reaping increasingly diverse benefits as the floodway matures.


Honda Canada Campus

Markham, Ontario
Schollen & Company Inc.


The Honda Canada Campus incorporates a number of Innovative Low Impact Development (L.l.D.] technologies with the goal of addressing fundamental stomwwater management, water quality Improvement, water and energy conservation and other environmental objectives. The project is the largest of its type to rely solely on landscape-based stormwater management techniques, including a system of biofilters to treat runoff emanating from over 1/2 million square feet of bullding area and a parking area accommodating over 1000 vehicles. The overall L.I.D. plan was conceived by the landscape architect. Integrating innovative solutions to address total water balance objectives. The design incorporates rainwater harvesting and recycling, permeable pavement and other techniques to exceed provincial stormwater management objectives. A recreational fitness track, basketball court and sports fields encourage active employee lifestyles and social culture. The site was designed to address Honda’s minimalist aesthetic while still achieving the integration of native plant species and naturalization solutions.