Canadian Veterans’ Memorial

Queen’s Park, Toronto
Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg

The Canadian Veterans’ Memorial is an important project for this country and for Canadian landscape architecture. Landscape architects took on the challenge and responsibility of designing and delivering a contemporary memorial of national significance for an historic, iconic, and highly sensitive Canadian landscape. The memorial stands as a testament to the skills of a fully integrated design team led by landscape architects who, together with a reknown war artist, worked successfully through a highly complex process and a series of significant physical and political constraints. The incorporation of simple forms and geometries, very specific and intentional material selections, exquisite detailing, and an overlay of powerful imagery have resulted in a memorial that, on one hand, speaks proudly of Canadian military and peacekeeping efforts throughout the world while on the other speaks softly of the Canadian soul.


Southbrook Winery

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
DTAH (du Toit Allsopp Hillier)
DESIGN – Regional Citation

Southbrook vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a LEED Gold, certified organic winery in the Niagara Region. Covering 2 x 75 acre plots, the facility includes vineyards, a production compound and a central pavilion housing tasting rooms and retail outlet, a demonstration kitchen with dining rooms,
and administrative offices.

The built form and landscape composition express the linearity of vineyards while obliquely addressing Highway 55 as it cuts diagonally north-east towards Virgil and Niagara-on the-Lake. The landscape design is completely deferential to its setting. Arrival, parking and strolling to the entry
provides a sequence of panoramic vantage points ofthe pavilion within its simple, delineated landscape. The pavilion forecourt is partitioned by a reflecting pool and a bioswale which are in turn, traversed by contrasting access drives and walks. Once through the massive wall entry portal, the
glazed pavilion rooms and terraces sit within or extend into the vineyard beyond.

Planting includes both wet and dry meadow wildflower mixes for the bioswale, mixed with clusters of red and yellow dogwoods, and building grounds. Linear beds of yarrow, sedum, lavender, and calamagrostis, are used in the forecourt garden. Poplar wind rows extend the built form while clump
maple and amelanchier groves soften the production compound.

As a biodynamic facility, organic principles of soil enrichment and pest control were anticipated and observed. Sheep tend to the vineyard “weeding” while also lending a cheeky pastoral charm to the bucollc stage.

Southbrook embraces and demonstrates leading biodynamic, organic vineyard practices. “Organic grape growing in its most complex and holistic form, biodynamics, is almost Zen and the art of vineyard maintenance. Lunar calendars are used to signal different farming activities and mystical practices are employed, like burying cow’s horns. Wineries strive to get their soil, animals, insects and plants into a vibrant and interdependent synergy”. – Toronto Star, Sept. 3. 2009

The collective expression of the winery architecture and landscape design is both strident and relaxed in its setting. Composition, colour, reading and experience build upon and strengthen each other. The juxtaposition of comfortable, contemporary gardens and built fomr with the immediacy of
the vineyard, livestock and the elements is remarkably agreeable. The landscape architects role included all aspects of the site design, apart from the vineyards and the post construction perennial planting on the septic beds. Jack Diamond conceived the pavilion and garden wall composition which we whole heartedly supported and strengthened with the landscape.


Shops at Don Mills

Toronto, Ontario
Quinn Design Associates Inc.
DESIGN – National Merit

In considering the key aspects of this project that make it award worthy, it is important to realize the extent of the attention paid to ensuring the design respects an understanding of the original Don Mills community and Don Mills Centre concept, its ongoing strategic importance in today’s community and its future capability for ensuring an ongoing level of high quality sustainable commercial and retail service within the Don Mills community. The planning and design of The Shops at Don Mills has been carefully thought out to integrate and connect the shopping development within the existing residential community. The extension of a new set of shopping streets and development of the ‘Town Square’, with common green, interactive water feature, ice skating rink, and urban outdoor café seating areas, together create an exceptional outdoor experience and gathering place for Don Mills residents and regional shoppers alike.

Careful attention has been paid to the most current technologies in building and exterior site design and the integration of a major Toronto Transit light rail transit corridor planned to occur adjacent to the site, along Don Mills Road.

The architecture and landscape architecture continue in the modern tradition of the original Don Mills Centre allowing for contemporary retailing and providing for an overall feeling of place, variety and attachment for those who visit or work at the Shops of Don Mills.


Reese and Simcoe WaveDecks

Toronto, Ontario
West 8 + DTAH Joint Venture
DESIGN – Regional Merit

The Rees and Simcoe WaveDecks represent a true integration of structure, architecture and landscape combined to offer completely flexible public spaces that have been embraced by a broad cross section of the general public. Rees WaveDeck is a contemplative space which gracefully bows
down to the lake. The deck is fully accessible, with no slopes steeper than 5%. The amphitheatre-like steps can be used as a passive sitting place, or as an active leaming space and canoe launch for summer camps or the nearby sailing school and Disabled Sailing Association.
Simcoe WaveDeck is an exuberant intersection between the City and the lake. The large open space can serve as an informal gathering space or as a performance space for buskers, while the two large swells can be explored and conquered by adventurous users. The deck is accessible from all sides,
including a large barrier free zone at the east side. An accessible route is provided in the undulating portion of the deck, which leads users down toward the water’s edge. Through the innovative use of materials and structure, the WaveDecks have been designed to be durable yet playful, enhancing the experience at the Water’s edge and contributing to the public realm. Steel piles support primary steel beams, which in turn support a glue-laminated timber beams. The hardwood deck spans between each timber beam, creating the undulating ribbons, steps and slopes of the WaveDecks. Being the second and third WaveDecks completed on Toronto’s waterfront, eventually a series of five will share a common design language, delivering a powerful narrative unique to the inner harbour. Both decks were completed ahead of schedule and on budget.


Dublin Grounds of Remembrance

Dublin, Ohio
PLANT Architect Inc
DESIGN – National Honour

The Dublin Grounds of Remembrance is the competition winning project to honour veterans in Dublin, Ohio. The project was to create a place for reflection, contemplation, remembrance, and community gathering on a site with no prior military significance. Eschewing the ‘monument’, the Grounds posits instead a landscape circumscribed by the bronze Guide Rail, surrounding an 1840s Indian Run Cemetery, and organized with a copper Loggia and bronze Poem Wall, paced Walk terminating in a Memory Wall, and a Sycamore Grove, together defining the grounds and choreographing movement through the site on ceremonial days and for everyday visits. The Grounds promote the act of walking and gathering to reinforce a collective remembrance and new significance for the land.

Client: City of Dublin

PLANT Team: Lisa Rapoport, Chris Pommer, Mary Tremain, Lisa Moffitt, Olivia Mapué, Elise Shelley, Jane Hutton, Heather Asquith
General Contractor: McDaniels Construction
Bronze Contractor: QAF – Quality Architectural & Fabrication, Inc.
Local Architect/Engineer: Jack D Walters and Associates Inc.
Structural Engineer: Blackwell Bowick Engineering
Electrical Engineer: McMullen Engineering Co.
Soils Engineer: BBC&M Engineering Inc
Civil Engineer: Hull and Associates