48th OALA AGM & Conference

We are excited to announce the OALA AGM & Conference on April 1st in Niagara Falls (with events from March 31st – April 2nd). This year’s theme is Landscape Architecture & Tourism and we look forward to all sessions and discussions centred around this exciting topic.


Tourism is an evolving industry with broad economic, social, cultural and environmental consequences.  Natural environmental landmarks and resources have always been one of the most important contributors to the desirability and appeal of travel. Historically, defining tourism has been linked to aspects of heritage, cultural, conservation, resort and park development.  However, as environmental restoration and conservation practices that are at the forefront of our profession change, niches within the industry have emerged including ecotourism and alternative tourism.  How can Landscape Architects design for the present while innovating the practice to protect and restore environments for future generations? How do Landscape Architects balance the difference and add to the experience of the tourist?

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