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Landscape Architects – Leaders for a Healthy Planet

The role of the Landscape Architect is to foster health and well-being. Landscape Architects by definition are trained to be stewards of the land, and to seek balance between humans and the environment. This theme speaks to the potential for Landscape Architects to lead the charge in improving quality of life and environmental integrity. Concerns for our environmental sustainability, our natural resources, climate change, and public health are increasing. Landscape Architects are armed with unique skills capable of developing integrated solutions in response to complex problems. It is this critical competency that will ignite a renewed movement which sees Landscape Architects driving change for health and resiliency. The future is about regeneration, enhanced livability, and improved health for individuals and communities. The challenge for Landscape Architects is to take this privilege and rise to be leaders with vision and vigour, to instill the values of stewardship and inspire others to achieve a healthy planet. Will you take the Lead?


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